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Retreat Planner with a Techie Background

Helping plan, promote, and coordinate retreats for wellness coaches and practitioners of the healing arts. 

Whether you need email copy, landing pages, or the full planning services, I can bring your ideas to life, online and off. 

Focus on what you love to do so that you can be your best self for your retreat guests.

Let’s all thrive together. 

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Are you a Retreat Host or Leader?

If you’re hosting a retreat in Texas, I’d love to help you plan, promote, and coordinate on site during the retreat… basically all the behind the scenes work!

As a website designer turned retreat planner, I can set up the whole registration process including landing page, payment, confirmation emails, as well as promotional emails for the retreat.

As the planner, I assist wellness coaches and practitioners of the healing arts to create a safe space for their clients to come together to heal and grow. I help with venue research, vendor sourcing, chef selection, budget creation, and making sure everything runs smooth during the retreat.

How I can help

Retreat Planning

I guide practitioners and coaches in the healing arts and wellness industry through every phase of planning from conception to clean up.

We create experiences for guests to come together to connect, heal, and grow.

Online Registration Process

I can build out the landing page for the online registration process, integrate payment gateway, set up confirmation emails, and help promote the retreat. 

If you don’t have a website already, we can use my templates and tools. 

On Site Coordination

Whether your retreat is for connection, healing, yoga, breathwork, art therapy, equine therapy, music, dance, nutrition, or personal development,  I can be there on site to make sure everything is staying on track and you’re needs are taken care of just as much as the guests. 

Are you ready to plan that retreat that’s been on your heart?

Let’s book a call to talk about your next retreat. I’d love to hear your vision and see how I can help you make it happen.

Send these 10.5 emails to your audience

I put together this email sequence that includes emails for promotion, registration, and follow-up after the retreat.  

This guide will tell you what emails to send to your audience and when to send them.

Templates coming soon!

Wanna chat about your project?

Let's Talk!

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