I was hesitant to use a form builder you have to pay to use, partially because I like free stuff but mostly because Divi’s form builder has a ton of great features already. But I had a client that needed her clients to send her a photo when filling out her appointment request form. I had been hearing about Gravity Forms for years so I looked into it and it did exactly what she needed and so much more!

Gravity Forms is a powerful forms builder that will help you create fully functional forms on your website. Form types include contact forms, multi-step forms, job application forms, surveys, quizzes, eCommerce payment and donation, and much more!

It also integrates with popular software like Dropbox, WooCommerce, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign.

And it stores form submissions so you won’t miss any if your email is acting up. That peace of mind alone is worth it!

My Favorite Gravity Forms Features

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop visual form editor makes it really easy to build a forms.
  • 20+ ready to use form fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown selection, short text, long text, file upload, and numbers only.
  • Conditional Logic lets you ask questions based on how someone answered a previous question. For example, on my consultations request form I ask if you have a website already. If you answer yes, I ask more questions about that. If you answer no, it doesn’t show those questions. This makes the user experience flow so much better! (screenshot below)
  • Email Notifications are sent straight to your inbox with all the form answers. I love this because it helps me keep my client’s info more organized and all communication with them can be stored in their folder. And I know right away when someone contacted me from my website and which form they filled out.
  • Extensive collection of integrations and third party add-ons make Gravity Forms compatible with so many tools I’m already using.
  • Taking payments is a feature that is rare for form builders and the ones that have it charge a ton to use it.
Here’s a screenshot of the conditional logic settings I used.
Here’s a screenshot of some of the field types.


Gravity Forms offers three plans, all packed full of different features and integrations. I’ve purchased the Elite package for my web design business so that I can take advantage of all the available features and can use them for my client’s websites as well. But if you just have one website (and aren’t one of my clients), the Basic plan is still great and super affordable.

If you’re ready to build better forms for your website that are designed to collect the exact information you need from your clients, I highly recommend grabbing a license for Gravity Forms!

*Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I get a commission from the company for promoting their products. I only promote tools I personally use, love, and am excited to tell people about!

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