A lot of people will compare a website to a brochure. Something that merely lists out products and services and provides a phone number or email address to contact the business.

But a brochure is a piece of paper that gets thrown away usually after one person looks at it. It might be kept and displayed on someone’s refrigerator or stored in a junk drawer until the recipient needs the offer again.

While brochures are a very useful marketing tool… they’re not as powerful as a website. And in my opinion, hardly comparable.

I encourage you to think of a website as an Asset for your business. Think of all the ways it can enable your business to Grow. All the things it allows your business to do even while you’re sleeping.

A strategic website is like hiring a high-performing employee that never takes breaks, goes on vacation, or leaves for the night.

  1. It can answer questions for your audience without delay
  2. It can guide people through the right steps to becoming your customer
  3. It can automate your booking process
  4. It can take payments
  5. It can provide support to your customers
  6. It can convey your brand’s personality
  7. It can showcase your value

An optimized website is your biggest cheerleader that never gets tired of showing off your business!

  1. It will promote your business 24/7
  2. It can be shared all around the world
  3. It can enhance your customers’ experience
  4. It can keep your audience engaged
  5. It can grow with your business
  6. It can announce new products or services
  7. It can outperform your competition

I’m very passionate about helping businesses grow. That’s why I got into website design! It’s such a valuable asset for any business to have. Especially when done the right way!

If you’re ready to build an asset for your business, there’s a few ways I can support you:
Work With Me – I’ll build it for you
Guided DIY – I’ll help you build it
Build Your Site Right – I walk you through the set up steps and you take it from there

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