There are soooo many benefits to having a blog on your website. Here’s a few that I think are most important:

  1. SEO – Everyone knows that keywords are important and that blogs are the perfect place to add more keywords to your website.

    In addition to keywords, another factor to consider in your SEO strategy is how long people are staying on your website. A blog encourages readers to stay on your site longer as they read your content. The longer someone stays on your site, the more relevant Google believes your site is and Google will then trust it and rank it higher.

    PRO TIP: Whenever it feels natural, add a link to another blog post within each post you publish so that people are directed to more of your relevant content and stay on your website even longer. Google also gives more weight to sites where users are visiting more than one page so this amplifies your SEO strategy.

  2. Education – Creating a blog post that clarifies common questions your audience has is a great way to educate them and become the go-to resource for your industry. It also helps streamline your business because you don’t have to fully answer that same question over and over. You can direct people to that specific post for more details on the topic.

    EXAMPLE: A lot of people don’t understand the difference between domain and hosting so I share this post, Domain and Hosting – Explained, pretty often. < See what I did there 😉

  3. Update Audience – Businesses evolve and grow constantly. Keep your audience informed by writing posts about upcoming events, new services, new team members, industry news, etc. People trust businesses that are transparent and consistent. Blogging about what you’re up to keeps them informed and excited about your growth. You’ll stay top of mind and your audience will feel more connected to your business.

    SHARE IT: Don’t forget to share your blog posts with your email list and on your social media accounts! There’s a good chance people won’t see it if you don’t share it.

  4. Engagement – The blog comments are a great place to hear directly from your audience what they think about what you wrote. This engagement creates a sense of community. It can also spark ideas for other blog posts or help you fill in knowledge gaps if people are asking further questions related to what you’re writing about.

    CAUTION: Although the comments are a great place to engage with your audience, they are prone to being attacked by spammers. I suggest checking the comment settings and making sure that you’re able to approve comments before they’re posted publicly.

  5. Content Creation – A blog post can be a great launching point for your content creation strategy. You can write a full blog post including everything you want to say, as long and detailed as you want. Then break it up into smaller pieces to share on social media and email campaigns. You can share just the bullet points, one concept from the post, or even just a sentence. One blog post can help you create a ton of content for multiple platforms.

    INCLUDE A CTA: Everywhere you share a piece of your blog post, link back to the full post. Also, within the post itself, include a Call To Action telling the reader what to do next. It could be something like, “comment and let me know what you think,” or “share this with someone you know would love it,” or “email me for more details,” or “you might also like this post,” etc.

If you need some help implementing a blog strategy on your website, I’m here for ya! Just reach out to me directly at and let’s talk about how your business can benefit from adding a blog.

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