About Brittney Honkomp

Who am I?

I’m a Summer-lovin’ river rat from New Braunfels, Texas. When I’m not at the river with my dog Otis, you can find me at bakery, coffee shop, or the library working on websites or learning new marketing techniques. I graduated from Texas State with a degree in Marketing in 2012 and have since spent my free time studying the latest online marketing trends and website design. I’m a huge marketing nerd that truly enjoys helping others grow their businesses!

How did I get into website design?

After consulting with business owners on promoting themselves, a common theme started to arise – the business’s websites, more often than not, weren’t conducive to the kind of growth the owner was aiming for. They were hard to navigate, didn’t convey the right message, some even had buttons that lead to nowhere! I knew these errors were turning potential customers away. My first recommendation was usually, “You need a new website.” I decided to redirect my focus from business promotion to website design so that I could set up a solid foundation for a business’s online presence. 

Why you want someone with a marketer’s brain to build your website.

I often relate website design to real estate. Think of it this way, if someone designed a beautiful building for your business but customers can’t find the register, no one’s going to buy from you, right? They’re gonna walk out and find a new store. This happens in a split second in the online world. Many designers do a wonderful job making a website look great, but they don’t think about how the customer will interact with the website. They don’t strategically lead people through a sales process to those important pages to encourage people to become your customer.

My marketing brain has been developed and fine tuned with years of formal learning and hands on experience to think of both the business’s goals and customers’ interaction to create a website that will help your business grow.

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