Let’s get started!

The Process



Phase 1 is content collection (words, photos, logo). I’ve provided a form below where you can submit some of these items to me.


After we’ve developed and compiled all the content I’ll get started building your new website! I’ll create a “coming soon” page that visitors will see if someone goes to your domain before we’re done.


I will keep you updated on my progress and let you know if I need any additional information.


Once I’ve completed my work, I’ll let you take a look at the site to approve the design before publishing it live for the world to see!


Monthly maintenance begins once the site is complete and I’ll make sure the site stays safe and functional while you focus on your growing business. If you need any of the words tweaked or a photo swopped out, just let me know. I’m here for ya 🙂
(*Only available if you signed up for one of my monthly maintenance packages.)

What I need from you:

1. Words

Whether you know exactly what you want to say already or need a little help making it sound good, we’ll use the content collection document I sent you to finalize all the words before they get put on the website.

2. Logo and brand specs

Use the form below to send me your logo and brand color hex codes. (They’ll look something like #7c50a0 and there’s usually 3-5 colors.) If you don’t know or don’t have these color codes, I can pull colors from your logo and use those as the color scheme throughout the website. If you have a brand style guide, please send me that!

3. Login credentials

I’ll need access to your domain provider and hosting account, or just a WordPress login with administrative access if it’s already installed. Text the username and passwords to Brittney at 830-481-3087, use LastPass to share them with bhonkomp@gmail.com, or we can share them on a call together. 

4. Pictures

Attach up to 5 photos in the form below that I can use to get started. Images for the home page, about page, services, a photo of the building – something you know we’ll use for the site. I’ll reach out for more photos as the site progresses.

Logo, photos, and brand color submission

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